Sunday, January 21, 2007

I've survived another annual meeting and more....

Today was the annual meeting for St. Paul's Parish. I am on the vestry and have been secretary for the last year. Today was our annual meeting. We spent time a week ago and a bunch of time yesterday planning the meeting and finetuning the bidget for 2007. There were 70 people present - which is a hign. We surprized everone by having the elections for new Vestry members and for delegates to convention very near the beginning of the meeting. It was a good move. We have elected 3 new vestry members (I have 2 more years to go) and 5 deligates and two people who will be there to replace one of the 5 if she/he can't be present. I am happy to say that I am one of the deligates. That means that besides attening the business meeting on Saturday the 10th of Feb I will be participating in workshops on the canons and possible changes and on strategic planning for the Diocese of Panama.

After the meeting, which lasted 3 aand 1/2 hours (about the usual time), I picked up the two of our girls who went to the camp for chiquitas or nenes (ages 5 to 8). There camp was from Friday until today and the staff were tired and happy. Zol and Eni sang camp songs in the care on the way back to the home.

Next week there is no camp as there is a gira medica using the camp site in Santa Clara. I will be there as a translator for the medical mission - my first one. I am excited. You will receive a big blog about it next weekend.

On the 28th there is the last camp of the summer season, kids ages 9 to 11. We have three going. All together 17 girls with some relationship to the home will have been to camp. Saint Paul's was also able to send a number.

In the next week st. Paul's is offering a week of talks and some biblical reflection on sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, family planning and self estime. A number of our girls will be participating.

Next week (starting tomorrow) will be the last week that the young people from Instituto San Cristoble do Social Service. They will finish their painring projects. We have a wonderful new sign on the wall out side the entrance and the inside and out side are newly painted. Inside we are green! Different shades. They will have an outing with all the girls on wednesday to Summit GArden.

More at the end of the week.

Tia Sue