Friday, September 5, 2008

I´m back in Panama.

I have been back in Panama for about 10 days and I have been really busy. This week is take kids to the Dr. week. Graciela had her monthly appointment of control and an appointment with a cardiologist. (She is our young woman with kidney failure.) He hemoglobin is going up ' from a low of 5 it is now up to 10.4 ' this is due to a new manufacturer of the medicine she receives to help her make hemoglobin plus a lot of iron tonic. Her heart is ok but is somewhat enlarged because of the severe anemia. I saw her school grades today and they are good 'basically as they always are.

Yesterday was take 3 adolescents to their monthly psyquiatric appointment. The Dr talks to one of them alone and then works with the three together. He also saw our newest girl and he says that she appears to have some syndrome. We are working with her on various medical fronts and she is growing and doing better. Even though she is overage (11) to receive the special nutrative crema (a drink) he was able to get her 6 one pound bags. She will get it twice each day with extra milk. She is gaining weight but is not getting taller as yet.

The last Sunday I was in Philly I had a chance to preach about my work here and got some deeply appriciated donation. Also the Sunday School at my home church is going to try to raise some money each month to buy more fruit.

I bought a new computer (my first - a laptop) and think I will be able to add pictures to my blog again soon.

Blessings, Sue

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