Sunday, September 7, 2008

Get to know the Girls´ Home

The introductory sentences for this blog are at the end. I haven´t acquired all of the skills of puting a blog together. Here are Maria and Stefani on the swing set. In the background ate the windows of the youngest girls´dorm and the stencil flowere, beed and butterflies adorning the wall. (You can make the picture BIG by clicking on it.) The door on the left leads into our computer room.
The front part of our busito (a 15 pasenger van into which we can get a lot of people). The director of the home is on the right. Next to her is Evelia, then Stefani and Maria. They are about to leave for school. All are in the afternoon turn of school. They do homework in the morning.
Graciela by the door leading to the Parking lot.
Posing in front of our sign are Maria, Rosa, Guiselle, and her sister Stefani. Afternoon school is from 12:30 to 5:30 - 6 for the oldest girls.
Here is a view of the porch where the girls do homework and also hang out and play. Behind it is the the classroom where most of the girls have a desk and do their homework. This year only 4 girls really study independently!

Here are some pictures of the home itself. I took them for a report the director was making for MIDES - minesterio de desarollo social - which over sees us.

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