Monday, August 18, 2008

Hi from Philly

I am part way through a 2 week vacation in Philly. It is nice to be here and things are going well. I have spent time in a book store almost every day. There are a number near where I am staying - Barnes and Noble, Boaders, the Penn Bookstore (also a Barnes and Nobel but geared more towards a university community). I have shared meals with a number of friends and spent today with my oldest grandson (Saveen, 12). We ate Korean food, went to The Academy of Natural Sciences (visited the butterfly house and a exhibition on the work of Gregor Mendal - who discovered genetics. He was very interested in the latter. At the museum bookstore we got a small 3-D puzzle of a dinosaur with 20 pieces which I needed help help with. After that we had icecream and then played farkle - a fun game using 6 dice. I am going to try to get some pictures on line.

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