Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Carnaval over at 7 PM?

I think our Girls' Home carnaval is basically over for this year. The girls (we ended up the day with 14) are now playing soccer (futbol) although it seems that a few bolybol rules are in tonight - there seems to be some hand action. The girls, in their planning meeting, asked for Pizza and Yanitiza found a receip - and we had it for dinner - quite good. The basic ingredients were Pita bread (something similar at least), canned sphagetti sauce, cheese, peppeoni rounds and parmeason cheese. They were delicious. We ended the day with banana esplits - but without bananas (we just about used up the carnaval money before we got to the bananas and decided on whistles and confetti in their place). However we had the choco sauce and strawberry sauce (Smuckers). To keep the amount of dishes to wash as low as possible we used our cups.

Afew girls are watching Chiquititas - a TV show about a girls' home where much wilder things go one then here. I think they have a slide alongside the stairs to arrive on the 1st floor very quickly.

Tomorrow we will have a little evaluation meeting and also give each of the comittees a hand!

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