Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Day with Tutoring

Sorry, no picture! I have to get help with that again. Today we had 7 seniors from Collegio La Salle to help with our girls who need the most help with school things. Two of our 7th graders have quizes on Monday so they both got a tutor. One worked with 2 of the 3rd graders. One worked with Jenny, also in 3rd grade. (She needs more help). One worked with our 11 year old second grader who went to 1st grade years ago. She is doing ok. Grifina is improving a lot in 1st grade and she worked with her tutor. Angie, also 1st grade worked with her tutor. They are both improving and in addition to working on homework they had a cutting project and a cut and past project and a coloring project as their skills there need a lot of practice.

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