Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Basic entry level school skills.

Today I checked out Aralis one of our new girls for basic school school skills. She can trace and copy her name. She's learning the vowels and can cut and color. She didn't go to kindergraten but told me that some of the tings we were doing she did at home last year. No school for her last year because she was undocumented. No birth certificate! Born at home. She has another sister with us since last year and an older sister (9) but the older one doesn't have her documents yet.

Grifina - school will be new for her as well can cut and can use a lot of practice. She can color and copy very simple shapes and color.

Iam preparing a vocabulary game tolearn to say the name of pictures that start with each of the vowels. In Spanish there is only one sound for each vowel.


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