Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Yearfrom Tia Sue and Firecat

Happy New Year from Firecat who is adjusting to living in an apartment. While he lived in Gamboa with friends he was and indoor outdoor cat. Now he is an indoor cat who wants to go out. At first he tried hard and in the meantime destroyed a couple of screens. He found a way to het out through the wrought iron door even though it had screen all over it! Now he can't get out through the door. Recently he goes out on a long leash attached to a harness and tied to a chair. I have to stay with him as he can remove the harness!!! He is by my side as I write this.

Here is a view on Ancon hill with the Panamianian Flag. It's the view from my front door. As you can see it is a summer day - dry and a bit windy. We are in the dry season.
Blessings, Tia Sue

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Sally Big Woods said...

Dear Tia Sue,

Hi there. I've been thinking about you and hoping you're well. Happy New Year!

Sally Big Woods