Friday, December 26, 2008

Felíz Navidad desde Panama

Christmas party at the Home. We have finished our Christmas lunch (ham, potato salad etc. and are now giving out gifts. Santa Clause this year is the director and her helper is Yanitzia. Here Maria is receiving her gift. We are outside the chapel, living rrom and study area for the girls who can study independently.

Sinilda is showing off the doll she chose from a fine assortment of dolls given to the girls by a friend of the home.

This is the Nativity scene outside St. Pauls. It has a little fence around it as it is on the side walk near the entrance to the building. The star is my contributation, made from foam with a sticky side so it is adhering well to the wall. The custom is to put a few coins in a little cup when passing by.

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