Thursday, July 31, 2008

Water Taxi and Butterfly Garden

This morning after a breakfast of hot choclate, oange juice, fruie and eggs scrambled with bacon (this is part of my room at El Hotel Bahia) I found a water taxi and went to a near by Butterfly Garden. The day is beautiful and sunny. It was marvelous walking through the garden house and have colorful butterflys flitting around. I got some pictures and will try to post some eventually.

Tomorrow I am going to do something adventurous. I will take a small boat (18 seats) from Bocas to Changuinola - arriving there at about 1:30. Then I will meet Graciela at the airport aand we fly back to Panama at 4:40. Thats the plan si Dios quire.


Mary said...

Hi Sue, We met in Jane's living room in Feb of 2007. I've been back to San Mato 2 times since them and this year we stopped to visit Hogar de Niñas. can you drop me an e-mail?

Tia Sue said...

Hi Mary - send me your e-mail address.