Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Feliz New Year!

No pictures for this but you can conjure up 12 grapes (with seeds). Eating 12 grapes at midnight while the clock strikes 12 is a custom here and also save the seeds and count them to find your lucky number for the year. My lucky number is 34 - which is the sum of two prime numbers 17+17. We didn't exactly eat them at midnight and there was no clock to chime the time but Lizzy and I ate and collected the seeds. We also had Champaign at dinner. I went to bed after grape eating and woke up to hear the fireworks and the Dreging Division of the Panama Canal make three loud toots at midnight.

Today seems like a dry season day - wind, sun and few clouds in the sky. I like Dry Season a lot but this year it is predicted to be a rainy Dry season.

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