Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday -school pickups

I was the driver to pick up the primary kids from school today - which takes most of the afternoon. Tehn I worked with Rosa Mari on counting 2 by 2 to 20 and do subtraction with borrowing. After that it was Genesis and ordinal numbers and then Dona and simplifying fractions.

Graciela had an appointment with the nutricionista today which went well. Tomorrow I take Maria Isabel to the dermatologo.

I am learning how to give injections. A new skill.

Tia Sue

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A weel later..........

Things are good at the home. The girl I spent the night with at the hospital last Saturday has some more tests and she has a stomach acid problem. We will continue to work on this. She is taking some acid reducer and an antibiotic and is on a very restricted diet!

I have a new cat friend (Luna walked away on day about a month ago and didn't come back) and a new car! The cat is Fire Cat and is wonderfully soft and affectionate. The car is a Kia Picanto - a small silver hatch back with power steering and automatic shift which is makeing my left knee better with no clutch and the power steering is easier on the shoulders.

Last Sunday was the anniversary of my 10th year here as a missionary. I didn't get to church to be blessed as I spent until 2AM at Children's Hospital with one of the girls - a fitting way to celebrate 10 years!

There was little school last week as Wednesday was the celebration of the founding of Panama City in 1519. After helping a lot of Primary students learn about this event I will not forget that Panama means an abundance of fich, butterflies and the Panama Tree!

Saturday moring was the last Saturday of Social Service work from girls at LaSalle High School (Colegio La Salle) and they had a moring of games, dances and more games. The game 'pull up the yuca' in which a girl grabs a post and holds on very tight and then others form a line behind her and try to break her hold on the poll. Evelia (oe of our 5 year olds) loved it. Karla (the other 5 year old) wisely stayed on the sidelines most of the time. Yuca is a root vegtable and is hard to pull up! It is what tapioca is made from.

Rosa is learning to read along with three others beginning readers!!!! Among them the teachers are using 3 different methods of teaching so that they all need a different kind of help!

Blessings, Tia Sue

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday News

I spent a lot of last night at Children's Hospital with one of the girls - something I have done quite a bit over the years. She felt bad all day but didn't tell anyone until about 8 PM - so we ended up getting back at 2AM! I have slept a lot today. She has gastrites. I will have to look into things a bit more tomorrow.

A new cat has entered my life. He is an adolescent and is a gold tabby. He has been here just a couple of hours and is rubbing against me, purring, eating, drinking and has used the cat box. He has been in a loving home for the past 2 months and was clearly a pet when he was found at the ministry of health buildings - he had a collar and had already been castrated. I have not didcovered his name yet!

My wonderful cat friend Luna who was with me almost 10 years left the house (he was an indoor and outdoor cat) and didn't come back about a month ago. I have many wonderful pictures of him with my new digital camera.

I'll try to report again soon and also get some more pictures on.

Blessings, Tia Sue

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hello again!

Hi - Here is my first picture on the blog! This is almost all of the girls (three were at acolyte training) with the La Salle students who had been doing 80 hours (quite a few Saturdays) of social service at the home on Saturday mornings. They help girls with home work of learn things they missed at some point in the past - many to do with arithmetic. We have another group now who have three Saturdays left.

I am learning how to put more pictures on and will write more later!!

Blessings, Tia Sue