Friday, December 21, 2007

Graduation today

This is Yanitcias Graduation today. She graduated from 9th grade. I am 99% sure that she is the first person in her family to graduate from 9th. Maybe her father graduated from 6th but I am not sure. He can read and write. We arrive a few minutes late for her to march in but were there for the important parts - the most important the certificates (I think the word Diplomas is for graduation from High School and College.
Here some kids are receiving deplomas and as they come down friends and relatives are taking pictures and giving gifts.
Here Yani is receiving her certificate. Her sister Raquel and friend Leonela from the home have roses and flowers to give her.

Here we are after the ceremony. Each of us had a raspado (shaved ice with sweet flavored syrup and condensed milk - 25 cents each. Yani has two sister at the home with her. They have been with us for more than 9 years. The only family members who attended were those sisters. Even though her family lives not far away they all said they couldn't come. At the right is Rosa Mari, her younger sister at the home and next to her in green is Raquel, also her sister. Claro, the one with the 'diploma' and in uniform is Yani. She has 4 siblings older and 4 or 5 younger than Rosa Mari (11).

Tia Sue

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