Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fathers' Day is coming

All of aur girls are going to visit somewhere for the fathers´day weekend. And the very best is that Evelia's dad is coming from Yavisa in the Darien to see her - the first time since she joined us in March. She is five and has talked to her many times on the phone. He is going to be very surprised I think because she is talking a lot - and wasn't very much when she came. She is also more healthy and she has more energy as her hemeglobin count has improved.

Since I've been back I have been developing a 'program' for her and for Carla (our other 5 year old). I pick out and put in a folder 3 little projects - coloring, cutting, pasting etc and one of the girls who have little homework work with them on these for an hour then Guissell reads a story to them. She is in third grade and her teacher suggested that she read outlound each day. After that they go with some age appropriate toys to play in another area and they have one girl with them, since they are still developing play together skills. This has cut down on screamng and tantrums a lot!

Tia Sue

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