Friday, December 15, 2006


Wow. It has been 7 days since I wrote! Well, school is officially over today. The only thing remaining for us is our 9th graders graduation on Tuesday the 19th at 9 AM.
Today we had a super Christmas Party - given by the Pharmasutical (bad spelling) Company Pfiser. They have been working with us for a number of years and one of the nicest things they do is ask each girl to tell them something they want and also what type of Fast Food lunch they would like. This is soooo nice - because the girls don't get to have a lot of choices in their lives. We also invited the chiquitita, sister to one of our girls, who is just learning to talk. She is 4 and a half. At first she was afriad of the clown who was paining the girls' faces and especially of Santa - but she got over this, had a little heart painted on her cheek, later accespted a gift from Santa. She loves to dance and also participated in a game where everyone jumps up and down and then gets into groups of 3,8,6,4 - whatever number the leaders indicates. She was one of the last two left.

There was Christmas music, face painting, food (a very late lunch). The girls got what the requested and the visitors and adults at the party had a sumptuous buffet - turkey, ham, and another meat. A wonderfull apple and nut salad with a creamy topping, tamales ( a Navidad (Christmas) special). There was a lot left over so we will all eat some of it for dinner along with arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) made by our cook for dinner and made with the turkey that I brought home from a party I went to last night. (Phi Delta Kappa International - a group made up of people who want to be part of it and who nelieve in quality public education.)

Santa brought a lot of gifts. Everyone got a least 4 - one was a bag that had a new towel, a hairbrush and other goodies which I didn't see - probably shampoo, body cream and other things. The girls with top grades also each received a RADIO. I think some of the girls will work harder next school year.

This is our weekend for Christmas parties. We have two tomorrow! and then another traditional one, put on for us by a woman who grew up in the home 30 or more years ago and who now works for COPA Airlines. You will hear about all of them!

That's it for tonight friends.

Tia Sue

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