Sunday, March 15, 2009

Here are some more to meet

The first and the third girls are new.

Beti 13going to 6th grade. We have treated the mark aound her mouth and she looks great. She has two younger sisters whome you will meet later.
Now this is Stefani. She is 10 and going into 3rd grade.
Susi 10 years old. She'll be going to 2 grade. Susi has some vision problems and tomorrow we are going to see an optomoligo. She has a sister Ana who you will meet later.

Sinilda 11 and her sister Maria Isabel(below) 9 have been with us two years. They are the first females in their family to ever go to school. Both are good students and are going into 3rd grade.

More introductions.

Here are 5 more of our girls. All that you are seeing here were with us last year. Right now we have 5 new girls andyou will be meeting them shortly. I took these photos so that the girls could get swimming pool cards. They are going swimming every Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon!

Karla age 7and going into 2nd grade.
Evelia 7 and going into 2 grade in a special class.

Enibeth 10 going to 5th grade.

Gissell 12 going into 5th grade. Stefani is her sister.

Rosa 12 and into 6th grade in a special class.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meet someof our girls!

Here are 5 of the girls now at the home. School should be starting on Monday but it is going to start in April!

This is Daliana, age 16, entering 9th grade.

Maria, age 11, entering 4th grade

Omaira, 19, just returnedfrom 3 years studying in Spain. (She had a schlorship from the first lady of Panama) Learning English and preparing to go to the University in 2010. She is living with her Godparents and spends some time with us.

Johana, age 11, going into 6th grade.

Kenia, age 11, going into 6th grade.
Please don't be concerned that some of the ages don't match up with where they are in school. One of the Girls' Home goals is to enable girls to go to school, with needed resources (from toilet paper, pencils and chalk for the teacher to mention just a few). Many have not attneded school reguelaly when they come to us.
We have 20 girls on the rolls right now so there will be more introductions.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Success at uploading a picture

Procession of the massed choirs at the diocesian convention. I had success today in uploading a picture so with luck I can be back bloging.