Sunday, September 2, 2007

A little news

I spent last weekend at wonderful Canopy Lodge in el Valle celebrating my 67th birthday, enjoying many beautiful birds and very good food. Our director has returned from her vacation so we are working as a team again - whew. I still have not mastered putting in a photo but there is one in my August entries. We are busy. Having 25 girls (17 are in Primary school) is a lot more responsibility and work that the 18 we had last year. At some points I am helping 4 or 5 kids at the same time - each doing something different. They learn to wait. Good news: Rosa has begun to work with me while I am working with other kids at the same table. This means that I can give her a lot more help. Last week she learned to know when she needed to borrow in subtraction and when not! She is also reading and was reading out loud from a 1st grade reading book - the beginning - we have waited for this for a long time. She is 11 and her mental age is 6 to 7 and she is learning the things a kid of 6 to 7 would be learning!! Our little Evelia is a handfull and when the director cme back Rosa told the directort: "When I was two and I did something wrong Tia Sue put me in a chair. You need to do that with Evelia". I have been using that technique and others and Evelia is making a lot of progress.

Blessings, Tia Sue